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An end-to-end data solution offered in one unified platform

TORONTO, NEW YORK and CHENNAI, India, April 22, 2018 /PRNewswire/ – Ducen IT today announces the launch of its next generation Analance platform, promising to provide the most unique and unparalleled end-to-end data analytics solution for businesses across various industries. Analance, which incorporates strong data governance supporting strict compliance, integrates data science, business intelligence and data management as distinct modules into a single platform. This allow users to consolidate and centralize enterprise data and tools and move seamlessly between each one. Unlike other data science and intelligence tools on the market, Analance provides users a full self-serve platform. Analance embeds step-by-step workflows into every module to enable both novice business users and expert data scientists to master the platform in minutes, quickly generating the insights they need.

“Until now, users who wanted a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for advanced analytics, data management and business intelligence have had to rely on multiple disparate tools to acquire visibility into their business operations,” says Keshav Bangalore, Ducen IT’s Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “With Analance’s new platform, users no longer have to work through tedious and time-consuming processes, siloed data sources and systems and, most importantly, system incompatibility issues. Analance consolidates data into a single data warehouse and provides advanced analytics, zero-coding machine learning algorithms and advanced visualizations from one unified platform,” he continues. “Analance addresses the one big question that CIOs ponder: Can we adopt the next advancement in the world of analytics without changing the systems we already have in place? The answer is yes. Every module in our platform, including the upcoming Analance IoT and Analance Artificial Intelligence modules, is available through a single click of a button.”

To date, businesses wanting to assess analytics, business intelligence or data management have had to use at least three different software tools, which were time-consuming to manage, complex to master, and expensive to maintain. Users have had to have either extensive expertise in business analytics or frequent help from their IT departments, often resulting in time-consuming processes and increased costs for their business. With Ducen IT’s Analance™ platform, both novice business users and expert data scientists can work with complex algorithms and build predictive models through its complex machine learning, yet simplified UI and step-by-step workflows. Data scientists also have the option to import custom algorithms into Analance to extend its capabilities.

An integrated, end-to-end platform is not only easier to manage for the end user but allows for a more streamlined process and workflow as all data and analysis resides in one place. Without the fear of data loss or compromise, users can get to the task of delivering the most accurate results and data-driven decisions required by their organizations.

Top six key verticals that Analance supports (among others) include:

  • Telecommunications
  • Banking and Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences
  • Retail
  • Education

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Ducen IT helps Business and IT users of Fortune 1000 companies with advanced analytics, business intelligence and data management through its unique end-to-end data science platform called Analance. Analance is an enterprise-class, state of the art integrated platform that delivers power and ease of use to business users and data scientists with a seamless experience and platform scalability to support business growth and strategy.


Name: Salma Aziz, Senior Marketing Manager

Email:  salma.aziz@ducenit.com