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July 2021 – We are thrilled to announce that Sryas/Ducen has taken a very positive step towards ensuring our website is WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) & AODA (Accessibility of Ontarians with Disabilities) compliant. Today, our websites cater to visitors with a wide array of disabilities. While this is in adherence to meet Canadian accessibility law, this change also reflects our strong commitment to make Sryas/Ducen more accessible for visitors across the world.

The AODA act was passed in 2005 in Canada to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to access digital content, information, and communication technologies. It mandates that the websites and web content of any organization with more than 50 employees must meet WCAG 2.1 guidelines by 2021.

With this in mind and recognizing the challenges persons with disabilities might experience navigating our website, Sryas/Ducen implemented a Web Accessibility Solution by AccessiBe that seamlessly allows users to customize how they want to view our website based on their specific disability. This tool helps us achieve compliance for not only Canada, but also for worldwide legislations.

Visit our website to see how this tool works.

About Ducen

Ducen is a trusted technology solutions provider that aims to empower Fortune 1000 companies through quality solutions and services. Headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, we help organizations simplify data management, secure business processes, and deliver insights – all in an effort to drive business outcomes and enhance the customer experience. Through our enterprise analytics platform, we build and manage data-driven digital platforms including business intelligence and advanced analytics solutions. We also offer a comprehensive services portfolio covering data management, cybersecurity, and application development services to help clients stay ahead of the technology curve.