DevSecOps in your corporate DNA

In today’s competitive market, app development has shifted into overdrive to keep up with the demand for rapid releases. While an agile approach helps organizations push out releases faster, integrating DevSecOps should be the organization’s default mode of operation to meet regulation and compliance necessities. Hackers are active and will find new attack vectors to exploit vulnerabilities. They only need a single unpatched vulnerability to launch rampant malicious activity across a network, which can result in a large-scale breach with the potential to take down an organization. Our application security services are designed to ensure a secure SDLC, and we do this with 6 simple steps.

Six steps to Secure Applications

Define the scope of the application audit.

Perform a risk assessment to prioritize target applications.

Pentest implementation to emulate intermediate and advanced attack patterns used by hackers in both black box and gray box scenarios.

Perform vulnerability assessment on source code with SAST and application scanning with DAST to ensure secure SDLC.

Report security gaps with an action plan that include IAST and RASP recommendations.

Provide a remediation and maintenance plan.

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Penetration Tests and Vulnerability Assessment

Penetration tests and vulnerability assessment
Be one step ahead of malicious actors by proactively conducting assessments to actively exploit weaknesses and scan for vulnerabilities in your applications.

On Demand Application Security

On demand application security
Enable automated application security testing in your SDLC. Conduct SAST and DAST to identify security defects and avoid costly revisions down the line.

Open Source and IP Compliance

Open source and IP compliance
Ensure compliance for open source applications by adhering to copyright notices and license obligations. Plus, prevent conflicts with other parties’ IP interests.

Red Teams

Red teams
Implement an extra layer of app security testing with controlled attacks. A team of experts will attempt to breach defenses using multiple approaches to ensure that no vulnerabilities are overlooked.

IoT Security

IoT security
With the emergence of connected devices and applications, cybersecurity should be top of mind. Protect smart devices and the networks they’re connected to from malicious threats and attack vendors.

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