Anticipate and manage threat vectors

The threat of prevailing cyber attacks is to be expected for any organization, regardless of size, focus, or industry. In fact, with rapid technology change, it might be even more challenging to keep up with the risks being posed. This is why security should be an ongoing effort—better to be proactive than deal with costly breaches and damages. Implement a comprehensive Managed Detection and Response strategy to systematically enhance cybersecurity protection regardless of what the threat may be. Anticipate, monitor, and rapidly respond to threats with security intelligence and incident monitoring.

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Stay on top of security threats through strategic incident data collection, real-time visualization and orchestration, and a continuous improvement framework.

Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence
Implement an extra layer of security by getting full visibility of security environments through actionable threat intelligence.

Attack Simulations and Analytics

Attack simulations and analytics
Facilitate continuous attack simulations and threat hunting to scan for vulnerabilities and probe for incident root causes proactively.

SecOps Orchestration

SecOps orchestration
Ensure that your different security applications and technologies all work well together to effectively monitor threats.

Full Scale MDR

Full-scale MDR
Build a foundation for all flavors of MDR, from SIEM monitoring to EDT to SOAR. Anticipate to act on critical security threats.

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