1. Ducen offices at the different locations are unique and designed around employees’ interests.
2. We build leaders. Period.
3. We never set anyone up for failure. We believe in setting realistic, achievable goals.
4. We have a roof top cricket facility in Ducen India.
5. We have a gaming room for our hardcore gamers in our Philippine office.
6. We are globally dispersed, but our team is strongly knit.
7. We have virtual lunch sessions and manage to connect to everyone globally for a drink.
8. We are always looking forward to themed video calls.
9. We build our own schedules. This means, teams take turns taking calls at night.
10. We get free meals – sometimes we just randomly go out, order food, or enjoy pig-out potlucks.
11. We have different clubs to socialize – yeah, we are not robots here.
12. Our cooking club really brings out the chef in people. The club is not exclusive to just employees. Families get involved.
13. We have a group of learners that don’t get tired of exploring – from comics to data science.
14. We have a monthly newsletter and a quarterly magazine that captures the beautiful memories we create.
15. We have a nap room in our India office. Sleep is for the weak but #DucenCares for our well being. Work-life balance is important.
16. We have a library for our book lovers in our Philippines office.
17. We often work out of coffee shops and on the go!
18. We don’t just hear you. Our leadership team actively listens to your ideas.
19. Our goal is to get work done without compromising quality – we are not a 9-5er.
20. We match your skills and experience with our competitive salary package, perks, and benefits.
21. As much as we love our core color green, we have a beautiful indoor green room in India.
22. We always find reasons to celebrate!
23. Halloween happens more than once a year.
24. We do go overboard when doing outdoor team building activities.
25. We explore beautiful locations during corporate getaways and we don’t mind being stuck with our colleagues for more than 8 hours.
26. We get to celebrate Ducen Day in India every year!
27. Every year we have Interns joining our team because we admire fresh ideas and we love to help them spearhead their careers.
28. If you think one of your friends would really fit a job opening, we offer a referral bonus!
29. Our IT team is amazing! During the pandemic, we digitally transformed in 3 days per location.
30. Success doesn’t happen overnight. We will do what we can to support your career goals. if you’re all in, so are we.
31. We find ways to connect even while offsite: virtual coffee time, themed virtual calls, and virtual parties happen too often that we have lost track.