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  5. Pull your data from ElasticSearch to Analance™ seamlessly

Ducen is pleased to announce that we have added ElasticSearch to our growing fleet of data connectors. ElasticSearch will be the next big thing in our group of live connectors for real time dashboarding and analysis in Analance™, our Data Science and Reporting Platform.

Analance has been built to integrate and analyze data from any source and in any format, making Analance truly data agnostic. This means our platform can accept data from any source and duly work with our clients to accommodate their unique requirements to eliminate the struggle of sourcing critical data and continue to provide full access and visibility to their insights. Analance now offers 20+ data connectors and counting.

Connecting to Elastic Search on Analance is quite a seamless process, like any other connector on our platform. We have basic authentication while connecting to Elasticsearch and need to provide the index pattern for querying.

About Ducen:

Ducen IT helps Business and IT users of Fortune 1000 companies with advanced analytics, business intelligence, and data management through its unique end-to-end data science platform called Analance. Analance is an enterprise-class, state of the art integrated platform that delivers power and ease of use to business users and data scientists with a seamless experience and platform scalability to support business growth and strategy.