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  5. The Pain Center of Arizona (TPC) implements Analance™ BI for actionable intelligence

July 2014 – Investment in analytics, business intelligence, and big data technologies is evident across industries and company sizes. Requirements for better insights, faster access to actionable information, and improved decision support are not the exclusive domain of a few large organizations.

Increasingly, the availability of new technology at attractive price points is making it feasible for small and medium-sized organizations as well as large enterprises to modernize their information management, access, and analysis capabilities. One of the organizations that recently undertook such an investment is The Pain Center of Arizona.

The company implemented a new software package from the IT vendor Ducen and as a result, reaped benefits ranging from productivity gains and operational optimization to the ability to drive continued expansion of the company. As part of the solution deployment process, the company learned lessons that are applicable to other organizations looking to undertake a new business intelligence and analytics project. These include: