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November 2020 – We’re excited to reveal the all-new Ducen blog, with a fresh coat of paint and a new name – Ducen IQ. The blog site was revamped and restructured to improve reader and visitor experience as they browse through the platform and catch up on all things technology.

“The new blog will be the perfect platform to share our thought leaders’ ideas, especially as we delve deeper into the world of technology and expand our offerings,” shared Vish Ramesh, President and CEO of Ducen.

Designed to help readers and visitors improve their industry knowledge, Ducen IQ will host insightful articles and thought-provoking pieces from key thought leaders within the company. In the coming months, Ducen technical experts and executives alike will be sharing their thoughts on data science, machine learning, business intelligence, application development, cybersecurity, and other technologies – plus how these affect the current and future business landscape.

You’ll hear from technical specialists who will share tips and solutions on various business challenges—from agile transformation to managing SLA breaches. You’ll also hear from industry leaders with astute observations on organizational change, development, and success.

Visit the blog to enhance your industry knowledge, get to know your industry landscape, and read thought-provoking pieces on business, technology, and solutions.

About Ducen

Ducen is a trusted technology solutions provider that aims to empower Fortune 1000 companies through quality solutions and services. Headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, we help organizations simplify data management, secure business processes, and deliver insights – all in an effort to drive business outcomes and enhance the customer experience. Through our enterprise analytics platform, we build and manage data-driven digital platforms including business intelligence and advanced analytics solutions. We also offer a comprehensive services portfolio covering data management, cybersecurity, and applications development services to help clients stay ahead of the technology curve.