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Ducen’s key success comes from building a strong business relationship with clients and helping them achieve their operational goals. This year however, we decided to go beyond business relationships.

One of our clients is currently involved in helping our communities raise funds in support of the Kids Help Phone organization, which provides counselling and information services to guide and protect kids and teenagers with their issues. This year, Ducen donated $5,000 towards this cause to help our client achieve and surpass their expected fund raising targets. To raise more funds for this charity, a Walk to support the cause has been scheduled for Sunday, May 7th, throughout all major cities in Canada.

In addition to this, Ducen will also be donating to an upcoming Annual Poker Tournament Charity Event taking place in Ottawa. The event will be a fundraiser for two specific charities, Kids Help Phone and Capital City Condors. Many players will come out on this day to compete for amazing prizes, some of which will also be provided by Ducen.

The Kids Help Phone is a non-profit organization that helps kids and teenagers with a variety of issues, including sexual abuse, neglect to the death of a parent, depression, suicide attempts, bullying, social media influence, and others. The organization extends a lifeline number to support them in these difficult times. Any support will help Kids Help Phone continue to provide the immediate support and hope that kids in our community and across the country need and deserve. Kids Help Phone is a charity that receives no core government or United Way funding and relies on critical funds raised by the Walk.

The Capital City Condors are a family of hockey teams for children, teens, and adults with intellectual and/or physical disabilities. The Condors were established in 2008 and grew from one small team with just 3 players to 4 teams with more than 100 players in the first 5 years.

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