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November 2017, Chennai India.  We are very pleased to announce the opening of our second office in Chennai, India. It is a proud moment for everyone at Ducen. Our very motivated product development team is currently working from the new office, further developing Analance and pushing the product to new heights.

This past year, Ducen experienced growth and it quickly became very apparent that more space was required to comfortably accommodate all the employees. Once the product team shifted into the new 4-story building office, both offices are just about full. For the product team, moving to a new office space has created a whole new level of momentum that resonates across teams. One of the employees said, “a dedicated space for the product team has not only increased our satisfaction but it has also doubled our commitment to what we do.”

Besides the office being beautifully designed, according to most, one of the perks of working at the new office is the Ducen Café. With just a few clicks, staff at the office can order scrumptious meals of their choice from their work stations through the Ducen Café app. This service was launched shortly after the office inauguration. Employees simply love the idea of being able to order from their desk and only make their way to the café when the food is ready. It is not only convenient but also instigates productivity among the team. Some say, the office offers the comfort of their own home. Ducen is proud to offer its people workspace that they feel happy in.