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October 2016 – Ducen announced the opening of its first state-of-the art lab and research wing of innovation and entrepreneurship with Sri Shakthi Institute of Engineering and Technology (SSIET) in Coimbatore. The centre has been named Karuvarai: Inspire, Incubate, Innovate.

Ducen has positioned itself to assist and inspire entrepreneurial minded students to leverage the academic and research environment with access to corporations, investors, mentors, and professionals to guide and help develop, define, and shape new and early stage ideas into viable business models.

For both Ducen and SSIET, the importance of bringing educators, researchers, data scientists, entrepreneurs, and business experts under one roof to guide and mentor students cannot be overstated. The state-of-the-art lab will be powered by Ducen IT and has been dedicated to SSIET students aspiring to be competent professionals in engineering and technology. SSIET students will have the opportunity to work together, get their hands-on training, be exposed to real challenges, and accelerate learning about latest trends and technologies well before they complete their education.

Ducen’s CEO, Vish Ramesh, sees this Innovation Centre as a way to fill the obvious gap between academia and industry practices. The mentorship, training, and challenges the students will face in this space will give rise to competent engineers of tomorrow. Students will have the opportunity to have deeper interactions, share ideas and knowledge, and understand the corporate culture and processes.

Karuvarai will be focused on different areas of interest like Big Data, Big Data Aggregators and Analytics, Advanced Analytics & IoT, and Mobility. The students will be led by a team of experts from both Ducen IT and SSIET.

About Ducen

Ducen is a one-stop shop for advanced IT solutions and end-to-end IT services. Ducen specializes in providing advanced business intelligence solutions, software development and data integration services, infrastructure management services, performance optimization services, enterprise architecture, and intelligent outsourcing services. For over 13 years, Ducen has also been implementing BI and Advanced Analytics solutions, Analance™ to improve performance and productivity across many organizations across various industries globally. With Analance™, organization can analyze massive amount of unstructured data using natural language processing, probabilistic reasoning, predictive modelling, text analytics, and machine learning and visualize everything to make understanding data easier than ever before.